About Us

Coco Clara’s signature range include citrines, eternity rings and diamond stud earrings.

Citrines are Coco Clara’s signature piece of jewellery. This unique necklace is my absolute favourite thing to wear.

I was given mine when my daughter Coco was born.  It was a gloriously sunny afternoon in our garden, and holding my new baby in my arms, Coco’s grandmother handed me a box. I had always coveted hers and was overwhelmed at having my own.

I want to share this special necklace as an alternative to the traditional signet ring. Signet rings have always been expressions of individuality and fashion statements, sometimes they are even family heirlooms. A Coco Clara Citrine encompasses all of these.

Coco Clara ‘s heritage range includes pieces individually selected to bring you an exceptional collection of wearable jewellery from the world’s best makers.  Our pieces are for adventurous women with an eye for beauty and an appreciation for design.

We want to reinvigorate quality design of antique jewellery, giving the opportunity to own something both rare and sustainable, designed to be passed down generations.

We love rare. We treasure exotic. We cherish extraordinary.

Coco is my daughter, whose independence and playful personality shone from her first birthday.  Clara was her great grandmother, who spoke her mind and didn’t suffer fools.  Coco inherited her great grandmother’s adventurous spirit and kind soul.  These two strong women embody the values that Coco Clara stand for today.